If you can relate, keep reading.

Its an open fact billions of dollars are burned on digital ads each year; it’s also a fact that ads don’t necessarily add to revenue figures, at least not as rapidly as advertisers like to believe.

The Internet ushered in the blind race to Clicktopia, and the unrelenting onslaught led to ad blindness among users to such an extent that ad blockers were born to rescue them.

Most advertisements are simply a way to create top-of-mind awareness and not meant for everyone and everything. You mostlyMost companies don’t Ad their way to the bank, without other complementary efforts.

So what’s the point? Two simple letters CX, or Customer Experience, is the key to success in a digital world.

If you have to win customers,you need to sell an “experience,” or a journey, which fuels their passion for your brand.

An incredible example is this powerful message from Coca-Cola:

Experiences are more in-depth and tangible than ads alone. They leave an impression that lasts often to the end of your sales funnel.

Closing Rhyme: Ads Ads go away;my clients are coming make the way…

Disclaimer: We do appreciate the value of advertising and in no way is this article is not meant to belittle the intent. However, we do believe that a journey must proceed beyond the simple use of ads and focus on emotional connections and relationship development.